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A full time ride share driver (uber/lyft) gives around 100 rides a week. Get directly connected to those who are looking for your services, in your area.

Many jobs I’ve held over the past decade and they all have one thing in common, community. Growing up on a farm I saw this clearest as those who had great relationships with their neighbors only seemed to thrive. Those years instilled in me a value to be connected to my neighbors, to be connected to my community.

There are a lot of business’s out there that likely provide your service; what makes you different; what sets you apart? For us it is quality and work ethic. Genesis 3 speaks of a time where man was tempted and upon further observation one can see that this attack was against the mans word. God spoke. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God-John 1:1. We still believe that our words carry weight and live that out in the way we conduct business.

If you have read this far and are still interested in running an ad and having a business page on our site; let me go a little further. We are only interested in promoting local business’s. And on top of that we retain the option to only promote items we believe in.

If you fee like you would be a great addition to our current business, contact us through the form below.