solar technicians installing solar panels

Every situation presents its own unique challenges, and as a solar broker we step away from the cookie cutter mold and work to fit your specific needs. One of Carl Bucks’ founders, Jeff Stevens, worked exclusive with different dealers/installers for over 4 years and found that there were many occasions where the products he was limited to didn’t fully fit the clients needs. As a remedy, Carl Buck broke the chains of exclusivity and now only maintains relationships that allow us to represent the company that best suits the situation.


Carl Buck aims that instead of buying the electricity you currently use from a utility company that can alter the cost you pay at any moment, you would start creating all the electricity you need right on your own property. If you qualify for our program, we offer financing options that can fix your monthly electrical expenses at a reasonable and budgetable amount. We have many finance partners including Good Leap, Dividend, Mosaic, SunLight Financial, and many more. Our goal is to create a monthly bill that replaces your current one with a less expensive one, but we can finance over nearly any imaginable term and interest rate. 

black solar panels on brown roof

“If interested in solar, contact Jeff Stevens. You won’t meet anyone more knowledgeable about solar. He knows his stuff and is the best there is. Get a free quote and a great conversation when you call”-Steph and Jess

-Add equity to your home
Stop paying for and start creating your own electricity
Utilize Federal and local rebates before their expiration date
Reduce electric bill an average of 10%
Get locked into the current rates of electricity for the next 20 years

Start Saving