Every job is unique. The photo above is from where the new home owner wanted a fence asap for their dogs. They moved in Friday and we started work the following Monday. They had a fully enclosed fence by Tuesday evening.

-Posts are set 2+ feet in concrete (we allow an extra day for the concrete to set up)

-We will only use treated timber for framing (this increases the lifespan of fence dramatically)

-Wood gates are made in place for best fit. Also, entire fence is done one piece at a time. (pre-made sections are cheaply made and we stay away from them)

We aim to do the best job possible. Where others will often cut corners, we put in the extra effort so that the job is done right the first time around.

Above we were asked to repair a fence that had blown over. Previous builder used residential grade materials for the posts on this commercial job. Strong winds bent their posts and laid fence over flat. We came in and set all new, commercial grade posts. Were able to make fence as good as new with a days work.
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