“A child of rural Missouri in a small farm town; I learned from those who taught, whose aim nobler couldn’t be sought. They rose above and though their names were forgot, it was they who united; who stood their ground. It is their melody which we aim to sound.”

Locally United

person gather hand and foot in center

We have relationships with local business and promote them, here, on our website, but also through ads in our ride-share vehicles. Drivers are given full control of this. They choose what you see on your rides as well as many times are responsible for the relationships with those businesses.

Co-ops were initially created by the people for the people. It was a means of pooling resources to ensure fluidity for the community. Carl Buck is a broker who hopes to rekindle that drive; a drive for a thriving community. It sounds ambitious and even a mouth full of arrogant, but it’s aim is true. Connect local people to local businesses.